Memorial Service held at Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church for Alfonso de Bourbon


A well-attended memorial service for Alfonso de Bourbon, 83, who died in a tragic accident Jan. 11, was held today at Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Church.

Following a religious service accompanied by a violinist, friends and relations of Bourbon reminisced about him.

Advertising agency exec Kenneth Smith remarked about Bourbon’s penchant for turning up at parties unannounced.

“I was told at one of our meetings that we had a stranger in our midst,” said Smith. “I approached him (Alfonso) and said, ‘We don’t know you.’ He said, in that charming way he had, “Allow me to introduce myself … After that he was always welcome at our meetings.”

A couple of women spoke about Bourbon, noting he went out of his way to invite them to lunch.

Everyone in attendance agreed Bourbon was an unforgettable character, an individual so unique in his presentation that you always remembered him thereafter.