Meeting Farrah Fawcett

By Jeff Kayle

I was sitting here thinking how everyone is so focused on Michael Jackson’s death, but nobody seems to be remembering Farrah Fawcett.

In 2005, I worked for a banking firm in downtown La Jolla. Every day I would usually wear black pants, a white dress shirt and a tie to work. I was working long hours, sometimes late into the evening. One evening I went to Georges with some of my co-workers. After we were seated, one noticed that Farrah was sitting a few tables down from us. One of the guys dared me to go over and tell her how beautiful she looked.

She was sitting next to a gentleman who appeared to be a bodyguard. A few minutes later, the “bodyguard” got up and left the table. Now was my chance so without thinking I got up and walked over to her table. I introduced myself and noticed that she had a camera in her hand. We chatted for a moment, and I asked if I could take a picture for her. She thanked me and said I was sweet, but she didn’t want a picture.

I was glancing at the table where my co-workers were. They couldn’t believe I was actually talking to Farrah. After she thanked me I walked away thinking how nice she was to me. Just then she called out to me and said … oh could you please bring me some more butter.

I just smiled and went back to my table. My co-workers were just dying to know what I told her, and they couldn’t believe I had that much nerve. They kept asking me; what did you tell her? What did she say when she called you back to the table? I told them I commented on how good she looked, and that we just made some small talk.

The next day at the office, everyone was saying how bold l was. It wasn’t until later that afternoon when I told them how she just asked me to bring her more butter. Everyone in the office was just cracking up! Still, Farrah Fawcett only thought I was only a bus boy, and yet she was so kind. I will never forget Farrah’s warm smile and I only hope that I can emulate her nature in how I treat others.

Jeff Kayle

Carmel Mountain