MCASD collectors vote to acquire new works


The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego held its Collectors Selection Dinner at the La Jolla location recently.

MCASD’s International Collectors and Contemporary Collectors voted to acquire three new works for the museum’s collection. The Collectors selected two works by the British sculptor and installation artist Cornelia Parker: “Rorschach (Accidental IV)” (2006), a symmetrical Rorschach-like composition of flattened silver-plated objects suspended by wire just inches above the floor; and “Pornographic Drawing” (2005), from a series of works on paper made from ink that has been manufactured by using solvent to dissolve pornographic video tape confiscated by British H. M. Customs and Excise.

The third work selected is “dread” (2007), a mixed-media animation and five bronze sculptures by American artist Joshua Mosley. The work, exhibited at MCASD in 2008, is a philosophical exploration of the human necessity to confront and apprehend nature.

La Jolla’s Tapenade Restaurant and Fine Catering catered the event.