Martin Lawrence Galleries host reception for Robert Deyber


Martin Lawrence Galleries invites you to meet and be enlightened by artist Robert Deyber’s most recent alluring original paintings and lithographs, at a reception for “Hare He Comes Again,” from 6 to 9 p.m., Friday, Jan. 27, at 1111 Prospect St.

Deyber is a visual raconteur — a storyteller with a paintbrush, his mind’s eye planted deep within the subconscious. With artistic roots that hail from the Surrealist movement, among his heroes are Rene Magritte and Salvator Dali. While many of Deyber’s paintings contain elements derived from dreams created out of the unpredictable imagery found in the subconscious, the extraterrestrial flowers have more in common with the worlds of alternate natural history imagined by Alexis Rockman or Walton Ford, and the visual rendition of current phraseology and popular culture are more in the tradition of the Pop Art movement.

It is the undecided tone between sincerity and irony that makes Deyber’s artwork distinctly contemporary, his visual vocabulary distinctly his own, but with a worldwide audience. It is his unique mix of dark humor, subtle social commentary, and skilled brushwork that have made him a cult favorite. Musician Tom Petty is one of the artist’s champions and commissioned Deyber to create his 2006 album cover for “Highway Companion.” Private and corporate collectors throughout the United States, as well as throughout Europe and Asia have also acquired his work. For more details, call (858) 551-1122 or visit