Maria Menounos sticks with “Dancing with the Stars” despite foot pain, injury – but is it safe?

Maria Menounos on "Dancing with the Stars"/Source: ABC
Maria Menounos on "Dancing with the Stars"/Source: ABC
Maria Menounos on "Dancing with the Stars"/Source: ABC

By Jay S. Berenter, DPM

Earlier this month, “Dancing with the Stars” contestant and “Extra” host Maria Menounos made headlines when she excelled in competition despite sustaining significant injuries on the show. In a piece for the

Las Vegas Sun

, Menounos discussed her

foot pain injury

, explaining that she broke three toes on her left foot and two on her right. “My whole equilibrium is off,” said Menounos, who added that the doctors on the show said she “shouldn’t continue dancing” with her injuries. However, the TV star said that she refused to comply, despite the pain. “I’m not giving up now when we’re so close,” she said.

Menounos won praise from the judges for her performances on “Dancing with the Stars,” and adoration from fans for her resilient spirit and determination. But the fact remains that, by disregarding doctors’ orders, she also put herself at risk for significant injury – even more than she had already suffered as a result of pushing her body too hard. Like any other sport, dancing takes its toll on the body – especially the feet and legs; and injuries sustained on the dance floor can be just as crippling and serious as those that impact NFL players, Olympic athletes and other sports professionals.

By choosing to push through the pain of broken toes and searing discomfort, Menounos is risking further foot problems, as well as other injuries that can result when undue strain is placed on the rest of the body in order to compensate for areas weakened broken bones and excessive use. Experienced dancers and amateurs alike should consult an experienced podiatrist at the first sign of foot injury in order to receive a thorough diagnosis and also receive preventative treatments and advice to safeguard against more serious problems down the road.

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