Malnourished sea lion pup rescued in La Jolla


A Sea World animal rescue team was called in Monday, Jan. 7 to help a sick sea lion pup at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla.

Lifeguards told 10News San Diego that they called Sea World in after the 20-pound female pup made her way underneath one of their trailers at the Children’s Pool.

According to lifeguards, the 6 to 7-month-old sea lion appeared to be malnourished — apparently her mother had recently weaned her. David Koontz, communications director of Sea World animal rescue, said the pup was dehydrated, lethargic and confused, so she is being given fluids to stabilize her condition.

An initial medical assessment by Supervisor of animal care Marilyn Dudley, veterinarian Dr. Claire Simeone and associate animal care specialist Erin Kennedy showed the pup was “in pretty good shape” Koontz said, but that there would be a full medical examination in the next few days. Once she gains some weight and is better able to survive on her own, she will be released back into the ocean.