Magnets offer programs in Chinese


When school opens in the fall, the Crown Point Jr. Music Academy will be the first public school in San Diego County to feature the world-renowned Suzuki violin music program and Barnard Elementary will offer a Chinese language program.

The school is currently accepting students from preschool, kindergarten through 5th grade with specialized musical instruction at each grade level. The Suzuki program will commence in grades K-1, expanding to the entire academy by 2010. Parents and guardians will play a role in the learning process and even learn to play the violin themselves.

At Barnard, Mandarin Chinese will be available in kindergarten through fourth grade. Along with a challenging standard curriculum, students experience the Mandarin Chinese language through art, music, drama and physical education.

Parents wishing to enroll their children at these or other magnet schools should contact the Office of School Innovation and Choice at (619) 725-5672 or visit

  • look for the Magnet Schools icon.