Madison Gallery welcomes sculpture on Prospect Street


A 16-foot-tall contemporary sculpture by a San Diego artist Matt Devine was installed in front of the Madison Gallery building, 1020 Prospect Street on Oct. 23. Gallery owner Lorna York, who represents the artist, said, “We felt that a large, significant piece would add more culture and beauty to the Village, and are delighted to have this work here.”

Untitled, the work is about balance. Writes Devine on his website, “The search for harmony and balance is the driving force behind my work. The use of systematic repetition, intentional minimalism and controlled multiplicity are themes through which to quell inner struggle. Drawn to the strength, subtle beauty and endurance of steel, bronze and aluminum, I welcome error in my process, as it is a constant reminder of the trials in life and as an artist.”

Photo by Kent Hormer