Luxury home sellers and buyers: find the best real estate agent for success in high-end markets


By Vicki Johnson

Despite a slow upturn for the housing market at large, luxury real estate is enjoying momentum – especially in the Southern California coastal markets like San Diego and Orange County. For those looking to make a real estate change in theses areas, now is an ideal time to act. However, unlike the market for more modest properties, luxury markets come with their own set of rules. When trying to select the

best real estate agent

to help you buy or sell a high-end home, consider the following expert tips.

For buyers:

  • Take your time: The bigger and more unique your prospective estate, the more likely you are to need multiple home inspections in order to feel comfortable with your purchase. Don’t rush – instead, invest time and money in a thorough exploration of the property and all its amenities, and consider specialized inspections if necessary.
  • Tips for cash buyers: If you choose to pay cash for your home, you won’t be required to get an appraisal. However, the best choice is to ask for an appraisal contingency regardless of your payment plan: that way, you can get a second opinion on the property value and assess your agreed-upon price before making a final decision.

For sellers:

  • Choose specific marketing strategies: The best marketing plans are those that zero in on unique features of your property and ensure multi-platform promotions suited to your target markets. Consider the quality of your agent’s work and notice if they offer access to special luxury home marketing systems or resources.
  • Be wary of high listing prices: The agent who offers you the highest listing price may not be the best broker for your sale – especially if the price is unrealistic for your market. Remember that the market, not the agent, will determine the best price for your property. Don’t gamble on buyers sticking around, or coming back after the price is reduced. Instead, focus on a realistic asking price from the beginning: the agent who provides one will be an honest and effective partner for the entirety of the selling process.

For both:

  • Communication is key: Whether buying or selling, remember that the best real estate agent for you will ultimately be the one with whom you can communicate frankly and openly. Find out if you will have daily access to your agent, or if you will be working primarily with a staff member. And finally, choose an agent who understands your needs and possess the expertise to bring them to fruition.
As a professional realtor serving the San Diego community, I pride myself on providing honest and individualized service to all my valued clients. I work hard to make each transaction a success, and devise custom strategies for each and every property to ensure the best possible results. To learn more about

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