Locally made luxury home accessories: the perfect way to give interiors a lift


By Symphony Home Décor

As we settle in to a New Year and begin to anticipate the sweet renewal of springtime, many of us feel the urge to rejuvenate – be it physically, mentally, or even in terms of our surroundings. Interior redecorating is one of the best ways to manifest new beginnings within the home: and here in San Diego, locally made

luxury home accessories

are the perfect touch to lend your space an authentic and elegant air. By getting a jump-start on spring cleaning and making space for new accents throughout your home, you can create a fresh look to reflect your goals and desires for the coming year. Original pieces of superior quality are always in fashion; and when combined with custom craftsmanship and an expert eye, a few well-chosen items can give your entire home a lift.

Custom accents and limited editions: the key to personalized décor

These days, consumers are bombarded with options for low-cost, low quality furnishings. But discerning buyers know that, when it comes to home décor, originality, quality and a touch of luxury are the hallmarks of a good investment. Of course, even with these guidelines, homeowners can find it challenging to spot the right items for their space. And in these cases, custom-made items and limited editions are the ideal solution. After all, your home is all about you – your preferred colors and textures, fabrics and accents. No big-box retailer can hope to satisfy all your design ideas, and whether that means you need custom drapes and bedding to enhance a new bedroom set or one-of-a-kind throw pillows to spice up the couch, made-to-order accents are the only way to take your inspiration and turn it into a reality.


Symphony Home Décor

, this is our mission: to design and produce limited edition and custom pieces that sing with luxury and showcase your design ideas with the best in locally-made, meticulously detailed craftsmanship. Our La Jolla showroom offers customers a one-stop shop for high-end interior design concepts, bedding sets, custom drapery and antiques, with all fabric available for purchase on-site and all design and production work completed in-house. We take a hands-on approach to each and every project, with inspections at each stage of the process and a commitment to superior quality. No detail, down to the tiniest stitch, escapes our high standards. And as a completely local business, we take pride in giving back to our San Diego community by offering the best in

La Jolla luxury home décor

and design services.

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