Local Twins Raise Funds to Help Firefighters


When local wildfires raged out of control in San Diego two weeks ago, seven-year-old twins Mason and Miles Matalon wanted to help the firefighters who were working to protect the burning city.

“There’s been lots of fires, and I wanted to thank them for taking care of all of these houses,” said Mason, who also noted how physically difficult fighting the fires had to be.

“It’s hard to protect houses, so we wanted to raise money for them,” agreed his brother Miles, who is younger by two minutes.

The twins, who are second-graders at Bird Rock Elementary and will turn 8 later this month, decided to go door-to-door in their neighborhood and ask for donations to buy gift cards from Starbucks to give local firefighters, who they knew liked to frequent the Starbucks on Nautilus Street. Family friends donated as well. In the end, the boys managed to raise a total of $260.

The boys headed to Starbucks to buy the gift cards, and then went to the fire station to give the cards to the firefighters.

When asked if the firefighters were pleased, Mason said, “They loved it. They were so happy they gave my brother and me a cookie and a tour of the fire station.”

Of the tour, Miles said, “We got to meet the firefighters and they gave us each a cookie and they had a huge living room; it was like a house.”

He was also impressed by the large television sets the firefighters had in the station.

The firefighters also told the twins of the difficulties in combating such massive fires.

“They told us it was really hard because it was so windy,” said Miles. “They told us about a lot of the problems about fires. They have to wait until the wind breaks down, so they can fight the fire.”

The twins also described how airplanes aided the firefighters in dropping fire retardent over affected areas.

Mason wants to be an artist when he grows up. His brother Miles doesn’t know exactly what he wants to be yet, although he said “so far I want to be a firefighter, scuba diver, football player, baseball player, or hockey player.”

In his spare time, Mason likes to “watch TV, play with my three kitties and play soccer.” MIles likes to play touch football. “Football is my favorite sport. I like to play football with the older kids. I like to play baseball when we don’t have enough players to play football.”

The boys are also involved in an after-school program at the YMCA, where they enjoy playing sports.