Local students explain the art of turkey making


Last week, we asked Connie Engelhardt’s first-graders at The Gillispie School and Matthew Gaulin’s second-graders at Stella Maris Academy to whip up their ideas on how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Feast on these adorable answers as you think about what to do with your leftovers today!

Mrs. Engelhardt’s class

  1. Biy it. 2. Oil it. 3. Cook it. 4. Bake it at 70 degrees for 11 hours.

— Jillian
Buy a turkey at the store. Bring the turkey home. Put sesening on. Bake it at 100 degrees for two hours.

— Nathalie

Cach it. Bring it to your house. Poot it in the ovin. Bake it at 60 degrees for 1 and a haf hours.

— May

Cach the turkey. Cut the turkey. Put it in the bool. Bake it at 10 degrees for 1 hour.

— Sofia

Put seezining. Put oyl. Put solt. Bake it at 59 degrees for 1 hour.

— Tristan

Cach the turkey. Bring it home. Put it in the bole. Bake it at 10 degrees for 11 hours.

— Taylor

Cech it. Take the turkey home. Put butr on it. Bake it at 0 degrees for 40 hours.

— Olivia E.

Biy a turkey. Get the ingedins. Put lime on it. Bake it at 67 degrees for 1 hour.

— Arden

Biye it. Oyl it. put it in the uvin. Bake it at 60 degrees for 6 hours.

— Nathaniel

Get the ingreteis. Get the bouns out. Get the drinks. Bake it at 62 degrees for 2 hours.

— Olivia O.

Kil the turkey. Slise the turkey. Put the turkey on a stik. Bake it at 100 degrees for 30 hours.

— Hayden

Mr. Gaulin’s class

First you need a turkey, stuffing and a oven. Then you put the stuffing in the turkey. Then set the oven to 70. Then you get a big plate and put brooclle aruond the plate. Then put the turkey in the oven. When the turkey is ready put it on the plate carefully because it will be hot.

— Erica M.

First go to vons and buy a turkey step two bake the turkey step three invite your family step four cut the turkey step five light candles step six put decoretions.

— Darius G.

First go to the store and buy a turkey. Then go home and bake it and stuff it. And eate it.

— Mark T

I think you start with a nice big plump and juicey turkey. Then you rost it then when it is done you can put vegetables a rond it.

— Lachlan A.

First step you marinade it. second step you put it in the overn if you want to eat outside it takes 20 minuts, if you want to eat inside it takes 40 minuts. Last step you feast.

— Oliver E.

Buy a turker from vons and put it in the oven and so times you put fruit roude the turker.

— Sophia C.

Step 1 Buy a turkey. Step 2 Buy stuffing. Stuffing like lemons and vegetable. Step 3 put the turkey in the oven for 5 or more hours. Step 4 take the turkey out of the oven and let it cool. That’s how I thikn you make a turkey!

— Ines O.

Cetch or buy a turkey. buy stuffing. Put the stuffing in the turkey. Put the turkey in oven for 5 hours. take out turkey and eat the turkey.

— AJ

First thing you need to know is you need a turkey, stuffing, and a oven not a barbacue. First you take the turkey and put the stuffing inside of it. Then you turn the oven up to about 70 degrees and wait for it to heat up. Then you put the turkey in the oven for about half an hour. If it is not done by then put it in the over for another half an hour. Check it often. It might be done when it is nice and crispy and brown. This might be a very yummy Thanksgiving.

— Grace M.

How to make a Thanksgiving turkey buy it on every store you want. When you buy the turkey you just put it in the over and you eat the Thanksgiving turkey fruit, vegetables.

— Viviana F.

Ferst you ned to get a litle of peper and then put in dri leves and smoosh them and then you put a little salt and then put it in the oven and thana you nid to wate a few menets and ifyou want to mae som vachtebels like brocolli and carots you nid to put it in the microwave and put som sos. — Olivia K.