Local alarmed at Pool activity

By Melinda Merryweather

La Jolla resident

I went down to the Children’s Pool last week and tried to sit on the bench. The seal people had their sign, table and T-shirts boxes blocking access. When I asked them to please move all their stuff, they said, “No, we will not move it.”

I called the police, all the time being filmed by three of these people. Police came. Still being filmed 2 feet from my face, I put my hand on the man filming me and asked him to get the camera out of my face. He asked the officer to arrest me for battery. The officer declined, but had the officer not been there, I would have been in court.

What we all need to know is these people have been trained in eco-terrorism. Do not touch them, even if they almost touch you with their cameras and harass you. Call the police at (619) 531-2000 to make a report. This is a public accessway, and we as taxpayers have paid for the benches and we are allowed access to the beach. Call the police.

Melinda Merryweather

La Jolla