LJ jewelry store closed temporarily

D.K. Maltin, a jewelry store across from George’s at the Cove on Prospect Street, remains temporarily closed.

The business, which first opened in 1980 on Girard Avenue and moved to Prospect in 2003, closed in December when owner David Kim Maltin became ill. “My plan is to take time out to recuperate, take a sabbatical, then possibly reopen,” Maltin said.

D.K. Maltin was renowned for its trademark gates with the ornate Italian grapevines. “Those gates were pretty famous,” said Maltin. “We called them the gates of Eden. It’s amazing how many people posed in front of those gates.”

Maltin said he feels he’s leaving a legacy behind.

“I influenced an entire generation of jewelry,” he said. “There are not very many that would deny that.”

D.K. Maltin carried a famous Greek jewelry line, Zolotas, founded in 1880.

“I was the first company allowed to go into a museum in Athens and reproduce that line that I carried exclusively for 15 years,” he said. “Now that they’ve stopped exporting, I’m the only one in California with that.”

Maltin noted his business has always taken extraordinary pride in its craftsmanship.

“Our pieces were all made on the premises,” he said. “Everything was made under our roof from start to finish.”