LJ dentist using video on Web site


Designed to educate, it also attracts business

When John Weston, D.D.S., says his office has the latest technology, he’s not just talking teeth.

The Scripps Center for Dental Care recently added video content to its Web site, making them the first dental practice south of Los Angeles to do so, said Weston.

The whole goal of the videos is to educate, Weston said. “It’s not about advertising. Obviously a side benefit is that it promotes our practice, but in a positive way.”

Visitors to

can tour the practice, meet the team and learn about specialty services such as cosmetic and restorative dentistry through the video clips.

The content is useful for both new and current patients, he said. Not only does it provide information about a procedure a patient might be considering, but it also has useful features such as autodial, which connects a cell or home phone with the office.

More patients

Since launching the video component of the site, Weston said his monthly average for new patients has increased from 10 to 15 a month to 40 to 50.

Weston said the entire project cost his business about $25,000 and he’s already making plans to add content demonstrating different procedures.

Einstein Industries, based in Sorrento Valley, produced Weston’s video content.

The company was founded in 1995 in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla and specializes in video Web sites, search engine optimization and other niche services.

Founder and CEO Robert Silkey talked about the advantage of using video on the Internet.

Virtual dentistry

“If you’re a consumer doing your research, would you rather hear the doctor articulate his skill set … or would you rather read about it?”

Video content offers a “virtual” experience for consumers, allowing them to see and hear another environment, he added.

Silkey, who pioneered the concept of a video Web site vs. just inserting a loop, said the nation’s obsession with television and passive entertainment is part of the reason video content works so well.