Lightning Strikes Twice: La Jollan hits two holes-in-one within three months

By Ashley Mackin

Patrick McGee, a La Jolla resident and lifelong golfer, scored two holes-in-one in three months at the Tecolote Canyon Golf Course near Clairemont. In both cases, he referred to the shot as a “lucky bounce of the ball,” and “a surprise.”

McGee said he and a golfing buddy, “couldn’t see the ball so we walked down the course and looked it and never thought to look in the hole.” The first hole-in-one happened at the first hole of the course, 105 yards from the tee, on Dec. 2, 2013. The second was at the ninth hole of the same course, 142 yards from the tee, in late March.

An eight-year resident of La Jolla, McGee shares his time between La Jolla and his native Ireland. For the last 17 years, he would spend a few months there golfing. He will be going from the Jewel to the Emerald Isle again next month, but now limits his golfing to the United States.

Even though he asserts the shots are “no big deal,” McGee got his photo taken with a banner indicating he is a member of the Sam Snead Hole-in-One Club.