Lightner wants input on La Jolla street re-striping schedule


Sherri Lightner’s office has just released an updated construction schedule for the sewer and water repairs and once again is seeking local input.

It now appears, according to an e-mail sent Thursday afternoon by the La Jolla business Improvement District, that restriping of the streets is set for July 7 and 8, the e-mail reports.

Lightner is asking that anyone who objects let her know immediately by emailing her at


It notes that the schedule has been adjusted in an effort to avoid the July 4th weekend and because striping “cannot be done for at least a week after the slurry seal is applied.”

The email also says, “Thank you for bearing with us through sewer and water repairs in the Village. We are almost done! And the good news is that the contractor is on schedule to be done by the end of June.”

It also outlines the following work schedule:

— By June 18: Finish capping trenches

— June 14 to 25: Finish pedestrian ramps

— June 21 to 25: Asphalt patches prior to resurfacing

— June 28 to July 1: Slurry seal (thin asphalt overlay)

— July 7 and July 8: Restriping at night (most work would be done on the 7th)

The e-mail also said details will be forthcoming on the sidewalk power-washing and how merchants can contract to get their storefronts and awnings cleaned.