Lightner: PLJ will be on council agenda in October


Answering Promote La Jolla (PLJ) president Rick Wildman’s plea for City Council response, First District Councilwoman Sherri Lightner said Tuesday the issue of recertifying PLJ’s bid contract with the city will be on the Council’s agenda next month.

“I have assurances that this matter will be docketed, one way or another, in mid- to late October,” said Lightner, following Wildman’s comments during non-agenda items at the Sept. 22 council meeting. “I have no way of knowing what staff will recommend. As always, we remain open to assist.”

In his three-minute address, he referred to the city auditor’s report that the organization had misused city funds or double-billed for some items and said the delays in recertifying the group so it can gain obtain city funds has hurt the community.

“We need your help. PLJ’s small-business people are suffering greatly without a bid contract. Recognize the plight of your small-business owners by putting PLJ’s bid contract application on a City Council agenda as soon as possible.”