Lightner calls for sustainable water supply strategy

By City News Service

City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner called on her colleagues Wednesday to develop a comprehensive strategy for a sustainable water supply, which she said would replace a patchwork of antiquated council policies.

In a memo to David Alvarez, a newly installed councilman who will chair the panel’s Natural Resources & Culture Committee, Lightner said San Diego’s economy and quality of life depend on a “reliable and relatively inexpensive supply of water.”

“The city of San Diego needs to establish guiding principles through which we will ensure that our water supply remains both secure and affordable,” Lightner wrote.

Some of the current regulations date back to 1983, according to Lightner.

Among her suggestions were to wean the city as much as possible off imported water; to expand the use of recycled water for irrigation and industrial use; and to implement a tiered rate structure that encourages conservation.

Lightner asked Alvarez to place the issue on a committee agenda for next year.