Lifeguard tower projects inching forward

Progress, albeit slow, is being made to get to the construction stage on three new lifeguard towers in La Jolla.

Of the three, work has progressed the most on the La Jolla Shores tower with those at La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool trailing.

“The La Jolla Shores tower is nearly 100 percent designed,” said Jihad Sleiman, a city project engineer. “We are going after obtaining a building permit, and the project should be advertised for bid in May or June.”

Sleiman added construction on the new Shores tower will start in September after the summer construction moratorium and the goal is to be done before Memorial Day in 2011.

Meanwhile, the City Council last week approved spending an additional $75,000 — on top of $83,856 — to amend an agreement with Roseling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc. to complete the designs on renovating the Cove station on Coast Boulevard.

Sleiman said the additional funds are needed to incorporate “an ADA-accessible ramp to the midlanding area between the grass and the beach ... that was not part of the original scope of work.”

The Roseling group is also handling design work on a cantilevered lifeguard tower that will replace the aging facility in La Jolla Shores.

Another firm, RJC Architects Inc., is doing designs for the new tower at the Children’s Pool. The existing Children’s Pool lifeguard tower has been condemned as structurally unsound and is closed. The staff there is working out of a temporary tower that has been set up on scaffolding.

RJC has been working on the Children’s Pool tower, in fits and starts, since 2001. Greg Roberson, RJC senior architect, said the project has been delayed by the city’s fiscal woes, but is now back on track.

Sleiman noted that RJC is about 30 percent of the way towards completion on Children’s Pool design work. That project will take longer to build once construction starts because of the summer moratorium and also a moratorium in winter and spring caused by seal pupping season down on the beach.

“The construction window on Children’s Pool tower will be very limited,” he said. “It will be done in phases and take two, maybe three years.”