Lifeguard spots tar balls on LJ beach

Tar balls that first turned up on Coronado Beach over the weekend have apparently made their way to La Jolla.

“I saw one on the bottom of my daughter’s flip-flop sandals over the weekend,” San Diego Lifeguard Tom Thayer told a Light reporter Monday afternoon. “We were on the beach (Boomers) west of Scripps Park. It was a good chunk of tar. We spent a long time scraping it off on the rocks.”

Tar balls ranging from the size of a quarter to nearly six inches across were first reported on Coronado Beach on April 4, according to NBCSanDiego.comLifeguards were asking people to exit the water.

Tar ball clean up in Coronado, which began Saturday, was finished the following day.

“The clean up was finished Sunday morning with the help of the National Recovery Corp., an agency that does environmental clean up,” said Petty Officer 1st class Allyson Conroy, spokeswoman for the U.S. Coast Guard in San Diego. “The source of the tar is still being investigated.”

Though seemingly minor, lifeguards are encouraging beach users to avoid contact with tar or any other unusual substances.