Letters: What a waste of water!


What a waste of water!

Running affords the opportunity to see some of the best and worst of La Jolla up close and personal. I have been running past 1905 Spindrift Drive and noticed that water is pouring out into the gutter from holes in the side of the sidewalk. This is like a little stream of water that has been flowing for not one day, not one week, not one month but more than six MONTHS! It has been running down the gutter so long that the water is eroding the gutter and asphalt.

This is just wrong. Whatever water me and my entire neighborhood is saving is negated by this.

I have called the San Diego City Water Authority months ago and they are aware but nothing is being done. I don’t understand why this has been allowed to continue in this period of severe drought. Maybe the La Jolla Light can get some answers!

Kate J. Gibfried

Editor’s Note: La Jolla Light brought the situation to the attention of Bill Harris of the city’s Transportation & Storm Water Department. Here is his response:

“It is groundwater, undoubtedly accumulated from over-irrigation upstream, that is moving through allowed drains onto the street. Neither the property owner who installed the drains, nor the city, anticipated the volume and constant flow from this site. We are working on a long-term solution that will better manage the drainage — including additional outreach and education about the problem of over-irrigation.

“It is possible that the water will eventually be directed to either the underground storm drain or the sanitary sewer system. Either option will require collaboration with the property owner (and, potentially, other residents nearby). Once that work is complete the city will restore the street. I will keep you and others informed as we explore options for solutions.

“I appreciate your concern, your vigilance and your anger about the pace of this effort. The solution implemented here will probably set the standard for responses to similar problems throughout the city. Because of the likely precedent to be set, we are engaging a broad group of professional staff from multiple departments to refine how we will proceed. I expect to have additional information soon and will share it as available.”

Soiled sidewalks continue to begrime the Village

We moved here from downtown Chicago, just off Michigan Avenue, 16

months ago and thought the term “La Jolla the Jewel” was almost laughable. I thoroughly enjoy La Jolla Light and appreciate its efforts to call attention to those who are trashing and those who trying to clean it up.

My almost daily exercise is listening to an audio book and walking down the length of Girard Avenue to, and along, the coast. Since moving here, we’ve been disappointed in the uneven sidewalks and strewn trash throughout La Jolla. In the center city of Chicago, with millions of residents and tourists, the sidewalks are almost immaculate. We lived right downtown for 12 years and appreciated that storeowners swept and washed their sidewalks. Maybe our water shortage works against steam cleaning, but owners/tenants could at least sweep their sidewalks and pick up trash. Not many do, including dealers selling $100,00 cars.

I compliment those who do. They also bemoan the lack of pride among other stores and seem to appreciate my thanks.

Vons’ sidewalk along Girard from Everett Stunz to Subway is the foulest stretch in the Village. It’s a filthy, never power-washed, trash-strewn stretch. The surface is missing bricks. It is lined with five to six dead trees, fallen limbs, and unkempt and sparse hedging. In short: a disaster. Shame on Vons.

Long-time residents complain that La Jolla has changed significantly for the worse in the past 10-15 years. It’s my fervent hope that can be turned around. I appreciate your paper’s effort to help. Thanks for keeping the pressure on and recognizing those who are attempting to do so.

Larry McCracken

La Jolla

Thank you to the kind kids at La Jolla High

I’m writing in reply to the La Jolla High School Homecoming photo on the front page of last week’s La Jolla Light. Lilly Grossman’s smile says it all, doesn’t it? Actually, as Lilly’s mom, it’s not her smile that touches me most, it’s the kids’ expressions surrounding her.

At first, I thought, wow, how great that these kids can look past the wheelchair and see what Lilly has accomplished in high school; for their high school. I quickly stopped myself, and thought, well, why wouldn’t they? They should look at her like anyone else, right? That’s what diversity and disability acceptance is all about after all.

I’ll tell you why. I remember high school well and now that I have Lilly, an exceptional kid caught in a body that just can’t keep up with her mind, I wish I had taken the time to get to know kids who weren’t just like me. It’s difficult to be the kid who takes the time to befriend someone who is different.

Even though I want everyone to treat Lilly like any other kid, she’s not. So kudos to all the kids who embrace her, who recognize her accomplishments, and who voted for her to be their Queen. A heartfelt thank you to Jake LeBeau, the King, who helped Lilly onto the field to be crowned and danced with a girl in a wheelchair with a big smile on his face, looking like he’s done it a thousand times before. Thank you to Holden Ward, her date, who was a true gentleman, making her laugh and dancing all night. Thank you to all the kids who watched the dance and were caught smiling on camera. Your parents have taught you true kindness and it shows.

As Lilly’s mom, I couldn’t be more proud of the kids who are mature beyond their years. You have blessed Lilly’s life with your love and her father’s and mine as well.

Gay Grossman

La Jolla

Shores seeks architect for advisory board

I’m the chairperson for the La Jolla Shores Planned District Ordinance (PDO) advisory board to the City of San Diego. We are supposed to have a licensed architect on our board, someone who either lives in or has an office in La Jolla Shores. When Paul Benton moved his office from the Shores to the Village, he had to resign from the board.

Please place a notice letting your readers know we are looking for a volunteer to join our board who meets the requirements. Those interested can contact me and I will forward their information on to Karen Bucey of the city’s planning department. Board members require a recommendation by District 1 Councilmember Sherri Lightner and approval by the mayor.

Dan Goese

(858) 224-5539

Planning group perseveres despite election ‘snag’

Democracy is certainly a messy affair. Some say it’s like making sausage — you like the end result but you don’t want to watch it happen. And there is certainly a lot of sausage-making going on with the La Jolla Community Planning Association. Despite the recent noise, I am proud to report that your planning group is remarkably resilient in doing the business of La Jolla. With nearly 50 volunteers and four very busy subcommittees, your planning group continues to be one of the most active in the city, reviewing more than 100 projects a year. From private land development to public infrastructure projects your LJCPA does its part toward a better La Jolla. Our meetings are always open to the public, come see for yourself the good work of your fellow La Jollans.

Joe LaCava

President, LJCPA

City is wasting water in parks

In the face of our ongoing drought, the City of San Diego has rightly adopted standards for its residents regarding wasteful watering practices. However, I think that residents will be less eager to comply with various restrictions when the city itself doesn’t make an effort to limit water use. I took pictures of the sprinklers at Scripps Park on Monday, Nov. 10 during my morning exercise. The situation looked the same again on Wednesday.

This area is clearly being overwatered, as the sprinklers have created a large puddle, which then just runs off into the nearby ocean. Although not captured in the picture, the sprinklers also spent part of the cycle only watering the sidewalk, which is against city regulations.

Hopefully, the city will take this matter to heart and carefully adjust its park sprinklers not just here, but in all the city parks.

Eric Korevaar

La Jolla