Letters to the Editor with concerns about leadership at La Jolla High School, damage from leaf blowers

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• Hoping the best for La Jolla High … but have my doubts

In regard to your Aug. 15 cover story, “Search underway for new principal at La Jolla High,” I am curious to know how 100 parents of current and former LJHS students knew about the Aug. 6 meeting? WHO WAS NOTIFIED? BY WHOM? HOW WERE THEY NOTIFIED?

One other concern I have from information in Pat Sherman’s article relates to the vice-principal positions at LJHS. The remaining vice-principal, Will Hawthorne, is brand new (less than a full semester) at LJHS, just learning the job and campus himself. He’ll be the trainer of the new principal? And, this is all happening after the students arrive on campus to begin the new school year?


Joyce Singer AbramsLa Jolla

• Ban the leaf-blowers … period!

In support of Howard Tenenbaum’s letter of Aug 1, of all the issues that plague “The Jewel,” I found the mention of leaf-blowers got my hackles up the most. I wake up to leaf blowers; they are the background noise that starts and stops my day. I read online that 20 California cities have total bans on leaf-blowers, including Del Mar and Solana Beach, and in Los Angeles you can get cited for using a leaf-blower within 500 feet of a residence.

I’ve observed the operation and use of leaf-blowers around town. My observations include the following: noise obviously; clouds of dust at first blown erratically in every direction, and then specifically aimed at the delineation of a neighbor’s property line, driveway or fence; and mostly aimed toward storm drains. You know, storm drains, the ones with the imprint of the cute little dolphin, reminding us that what goes down that drain ends up in the ocean?

I care a lot about many environmental issues that swirl about us, but this one should be a no-brainer. Who needs this extra noise that rattles the nerves, fuels allergies, disturbs the peace, and pollutes the air and water? Does it positively contribute to our community?

Why not just sweep?

Neva SullawayLa Jolla

• Leaf blower use needs to be banned

It is Saturday, and as I sit here writing this, the Songbird of La Jolla — the weed blower — is belching out its sweet sound and noxious fumes. The property owners, much like owners of barking dogs, seem oblivious to this ENDLESS noise cycle. Gardeners seem unable to blow a 10-foot square yard in less than 20 minutes — OFTEN TWICE — and then blow it all over the cars or into the house next door where THEIR gardener then blows it ALL back.

Are myself, Eric and Howard, THE ONLY ONES WHO GET THIS? La Jollans seem absolutely mindless and clueless, oblivious to everything but their own little worlds. “Why is my house sooo dusty?” Gee. Rocket science.I spoke with a woman from law enforcement about Del Mar’s COMPLETE BAN on weed blowers. I was told that although they are still in use, it is done VERY quickly, so that often by the time she response to the reported location, the DBF (Dust-Blowing Fool) has already gone.

So rather than the requisite 1-2 minutes per square foot of property in La Jolla, dirt, trash and dust is quickly blown on to the street, cars, and others yards within a few moments (at least), rather than the baffling 20-40 minutes required here.

And to all those who scoff at this, go look up the effects of noise like this on the human psyche. Is it any wonder 70 percent of Americans are now pharmaceutically medicated?

Thanks for your letter, Eric. We seem to be the few.

Rand HogenWindanSea

• Why are motorcyclists in town so often?

Very, very frequently I hear through my windows what sounds like a group of motorcycles streaming — with much noise — to the nearby intersection. It happens so often, I thought someone might know if there is a meeting of motorcyclists, or is it a race that is held regularly?

Julia BlakeLa Jolla

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