Letters to the Editor: September 18, 2008


Hello Mike Luscomb. I enjoyed your letter with John in the La Jolla Light. Please note the pictures that I sent you (showing a truck tailgate left open on Sept. 5 on El Paseo Grande).

This will give you an idea and hopefully a wake-up call about how you and all the kayak groups have an attitude of entitlement about your neighborhood - where you work and make a living and we live, pay rent, mortgages and property taxes.

Now we know why the streets have so much sand on them. This was never there before the onslaught. No restaurant customer, employee or beach-goer does this, nor do they leave (vehicles) for over three days in front of our houses.

For a heads up, the neighborhood property owners are going to support whomever runs for city council and will follow through on regulation of all the concessions.

Tricia Riha

La Jolla Shores

La Jolla’s Museum of Contemporary Art forfeited neighborhood goodwill with their-late night music Saturday, Sept. 6. Over-amplified caterwauling filled the still night air and forced many dozens of neighbors to delay slumber until after midnight.

The museum should weigh the cost of irritating the neighborhood before approving midnight music curfews.

Kay Guarino

La Jolla