Letters to the Editor: Sept. 4, 2008


Pay attention at the Shores

The city needs to pay attention to what is happening in the Shores. There are 60,000 people per day that come to a 1.5-mile stretch of beach and a 2-acre park. This huge influx is severely disrupting the neighborhood and livability of the area and has to be disrupting the marine life. La Jolla Shores has become the coastal perfect storm of activity due to the Cove’s geography, underwater canyons and sandy beach.

At no other beach in San Diego are there more activities going on at one location all at the same time.

All this happens with little to no police presence, no parking control, no park ranger. We have as many people there as attend a Padres (when they are winning) or Chargers game. We have lifeguards who do a great job but are overwhelmed.

There is a very active community association that has pleaded its case to the city. The city has acknowledged the issues but there has been little action.

The residents need to become much more vocal.

Charlie Williams

La Jolla Shores resident

Bank photo evokes memories

Thank you for the “Historic bank lost” photograph.

One December day after this bank closed I went inside to buy a Christmas tree, of all things. Yes, the bank was a momentary Christmas tree lot. Pines stood where tellers once did. The fragrance was wonderfully overwhelming.

I’m sure other longtime La Jollans share this snapshot memory of one Christmas long ago.

Thanks for reminding me.

Robyn Willsey Morton

La Jolla