Letters to the Editor: Sept. 11, 2008


Mabel Bell deserved tribute

It made me especially happy to read about the alley (lane) in Mabel Bell’s honor. Unfortunately I missed the dedication because of the change of date and venue at the last minute.

In the early 2000s, Mabel and I became friends. She stopped by to chat frequently when I visited a friend of mine on Eads with the back entrance to “the alley.” I became so intrigued with Mabel and her history that I asked if I could interview her. She agreed. I went to her dear little house on Draper where we chatted at length and I took a photo of her standing next to her white picket fence.

This article and picture were published in a local newspaper. Subsequently, Patricia Daly-Lipe and Barbara Dawson, who were writing a book: “La Jolla, A Celebration of its Past” asked if they could add the article to their book. I agreed. It was included in the first edition, but subsequently omitted in later publications for reasons unknown.

However, I couldn’t be happier that the alley is named for Mabel, a remarkable and wonderful little lady.

Leigh Sherman

La Jolla

Thanks, La Jolla, for generosity

Thank you for your recent article concerning the work of our local charity, Friends of the Poor. We felt that you portrayed the work and the spirit of the work beautifully and have received many inquiries as a result. Thank you, also, for highlighting our food drive during the month of August at the La Jolla Open Aire Market, which helped to make it a resounding success.

We’d also like to publicly thank Sherry Ahern for her insights and keys to doors that might otherwise be locked; Darcie Young, director of the Open Aire Market, for her gracious donation of highly visible space; and our volunteers, Catalina Tabacco, Cathy Cody, and Liz Bowen, who so joyfully “manned” the station. And we are especially grateful to our neighbors, the people of La Jolla, for their outstanding generosity and good wishes.

On behalf of all the people who have benefitted from your generosity, deepest thanks.

Teresa Doyle

Friends of the Poor