Letters to the Editor: Nov. 20, 2008

Assault on cyclist

On Nov. 12, I was assaulted by a woman with hand weights on Nobel Drive near Interstate 5 while riding my bicycle to school. Since there was no bike lane, I had to take my bike onto the sidewalk. When the woman spotted me, she hit me in the ribs saying she had to defend herself, claiming that riding your bicycle on the sidewalk is a crime. She walked away, but there was a witness who contacted the police and I was able to file a report.

In some California cities, it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk. However, it is perfectly legal in San Diego (unless you are in front of the opening of a commercial building) as long as you ride at a reasonable speed and yield to pedestrians according to Chapter 8, Section 84.09 of the Municipal Code.

I am writing to inform bicyclists of their rights as well as warn about this woman, a 5' to 5'2" petite white woman with long, light brown hair, mid-40s.

Ellie Becker

UCSD Student