Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2008

White sharks pose little threat

The recent letter by Melinda Merriweather and the opinion article by Linda van Zandt about the seals at the Children’s Pool are based on misinformation and irrational fear. I would like to make several points that are based on facts. Fewer than six people die worldwide annually from shark attacks.

Most attacks are from more aggressive species, such as bull sharks as in Florida or tiger sharks such as in Hawaii.

The death of David Martin by a white shark was an unfortunate tragedy. The only other purported white shark attack in San Diego was at the Cove in 1959 and has been questioned by many experts.

White sharks are known to come from Northern California to have their pups in the deep-water canyons off La Jolla. They then migrate back north where they feed and breed.

The unfortunate attack in Encinitas was a case of a “test bite,” without further attack or aggression.

The pups grow larger by eating fish as they are not large enough to eat mammals, and after that they migrate back to Northern California when large enough to protect themselves.

The seals near the Cove are not and will not attract larger white sharks to stay in our waters.

Using this fear tactic to attempt to rid the Children’s Pool of seals is illogical. I swim at the Cove, surf and kayak and certainly will continue to do so.

When I go to Hawaii, I use caution when in the ocean.

If these people are really concerned with saving lives in La Jolla,I recommend focusing on getting drunk drivers off of our roads as they are much more dangerous and despite our laws kill many more people every day.

Jack Resnick

La Jolla

We need these teachers

Why is it that the San Diego Unified School District is laying off 617 teachers when San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County are not laying off teachers.

After the layoff, as of September of this year, classroom sizes through third grade will be 30 children instead of 20 as it is now.

Children are the future of our country. Why does San Diego Unified School District not care about the education of our children and spend out tax money on unnecessary things?

Parents, let your voices be heard about this neglect! Object loud and clear against this action against our children. It isn’t too late to stop it.

Mary Jane Harmon

La Jolla grandparent

Traffic calming needed

The following letter was sent to Mayor Sanders and City Council Members:

Another serious accident just occurred on the curve at the 7800 block of Via Capri on north Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. A motorcyclist went out of control today and wiped out. There have been several other serious accidents in recent years at this same curve, but City Hall has not delivered the traffic-calming devices repeatedly promised to area residents.

The La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board and the La Jolla Community Planning Association approved the installation of landscaped side chokers on the 7700 block of Via Capri, as well as a landscaped traffic island at the intersection of Via Capri and Senn Way, in order to slow traffic down before coming to this very dangerous curve. Working with the La Jolla Shores Association, who agreed to undertake maintenance of the landscaped side chokers and traffic island, the city attorney’s office signed off on a landscape maintenance agreement to expedite installation. Council President Scott Peters reserved funding in the city’s budget. But, according to a recent report from Peters’ office, the installation of these traffic-calming devices is getting bogged down at city hall.

When will Via Capri be made safer by the installation of these important traffic-calming devices?

Linda Workman

La Jolla