Letters to the Editor: May 28, 2009


Another side to the seal story

After reading the brief article by Dave Schwab, “Seal Activist Arrested” I got a very different--and to me much more credible--story of what happened in that incident from the seal activist herself.

I find it extremely disturbing that the La Jolla Light would publish such a one-sided, misleading, biased piece of news.

Ulrike Burgin

La Jolla

Consider more about dog bites

So many of us know so very little about dog behavior that I wonder how so many of us who live in urban settings do little to consider the ethical issues that dog owners hardly ever consider. First, what type of neighbor do you have whose dog barks annoy you and often disturb your sleep? Dog owners who would consider this would not be so unfriendly to cause annoyance to a neighbor.

Furthermore, I have recently learned that 4.7 million people get bitten by dogs. All of this pain and suffering comes at the cost of dog owners who do not abide by courtesies to their neighbors and the municipal codes that carry stiff finds and in some cases jail sentences.

I am confident that much of what is happening with the bites is (because) dogs are bound to be happy when they are among their own kind and not restrained in apartments or home settings.

Frieda L. Levinsky

La Jolla

Stay tuned on courtyard tour

Thank you to the La Jolla Light for your article featuring Island Architects and the Courtyard Tour of La Jolla in your April 30 issue. The exposure we received from your article was overwhelming.

In addition, we want to thank the La Jolla community for such a wonderful turn-out. We are so grateful to our clients who allowed us to share our work. Those who attended were so interested in learning about each project. It was such a pleasure to see this happen.

Many people in attendance have asked if we would consider making this an annual event?? Wait and see…

Drexel Patterson

Tony Crisafi

La Jolla