Letters to the Editor: May 22, 2008

Thanks for mail

Congratulations on a great decision to use the USPS to deliver your paper instead of dumping it into every driveway. It has cleaned up my neighborhood 50 percent. (I won’t mention the source of the 50 percent that remains). It also decreases the waste stream into the landfill. I would be interested to know whether this represents increased cost to you. I would guess you are printing fewer copies and eliminating delivery costs, but at additional postal expense.

Thank you,

Howard Goldman

La Jolla

(Publisher’s Note: It does indeed cost more, but we believe better-quality distribution will attract and retain more readers and advertisers).

Mudslinging with a new twist

In these tense times, we need a good laugh. This bit of political satire might do it.

In the centuries that have passed, mud-fighting was actually a game played for amusement. Now it has crept into the political arena. Instead of entertainment, however, the object in this setting is to undermine, discredit or even destroy another political figure.

The game now becomes a serious business here in the States, requiring dedication, finesse and sifting through rubbish.

As in both types of mud-slinging, timing is absolutely crucial, but only in the political version is this game actually capable of manipulating history.

The weaponry used in mud-slinging spurs curiosity. Centuries ago, players used any kind of soil that packed easily and stuck on contact. Then the trend shifted to the use of already-packed patties such as found in cow pastures. This saved time except it was slightly odiferous, enough to arouse the attention of the Sewer Ethics Commission, which threatened action. The mud-slingers answer to that was, “Just be glad that this isn’t elephant country.”

Politicians in other lands don’t need to be entertained because laughing at us is sufficient. One hospital in Venezuela is overflowing with patients who burst their spleens from uncontrollable laughter.

Our enemies are encouraging the mud-slinging so that we Americans can destroy ourselves, thus saving them the trouble.

Patricia Weber

La Jolla

Why blame the seals?

Of course, dear people, lets blame it on the seals ...

I have observed, with great dismay, the battle over the Children’s Pool for a few years.

There is a handful of La Jolla’s residents, spearheaded by the outgoing president of the La Jolla Town Council.

The seals have a right to be there. It is their habitat, not ours.

As marine biologists, the experts state: Our coast line is a spawning area for the great whites. Shark attacks are at most coastal areas where the waters of the sea are warm. They are natural predators of seals, but that does not mean that “our” seals are the cause of such attacks.

The seals have been a joy for many visitors and local residents. Nature is blessing us ... Be thankful!

Isabella Miram

La Jolla

Irresponsible La Jollans

Last Saturday night, around 11:30 p.m., I arrived to my home on Bonair Way, only to find two SDPD squad cars in front of my home. Apparently, there were several young children being questioned for vandalizing some property in my area. When their mommies and daddies arrived in their BMW’s and Porsche Cayenne to bail them out one of the daddies explained to me, “Oh, it was just some spray paint.”

Oh, really? While I can appreciate the fact that this daddy was financially successful and was able to afford to drive a Porsche, I cannot understand why he cannot be a more successful daddy?

“Just some spray paint” is kindling to just a bar brawl and then just a fight in front of the home of a professional surfer, who happened to die over a spilled beer.

I hope the mommies and daddies of La Jolla begin to take responsibility of their uncontrollable kiddies, before something worse happens than “just some spray paint.”

Pete Tentler

La Jolla