Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2008

Seals as bait?

If you were frightened or horrified over the Great White shark attack and killing in Solana Beach recently then you must demand from the leaders of this city, that they remove the shark bait seals at the Children’s Pool immediately, for the safety of all of us.

La Jolla has some of the most used beaches in all of San Diego for diving and swimming. The Cove has hundreds of people swimming and diving every day. The Children’s Pool is the oldest known dive spot in San Diego, and next door is the Shores, a very popular swim-and-surf beach. There is not a worse place in all of San Diego to try to create a seal colony, in a space that is dedicated to swimming, fishing and diving. There are hundreds of people who enter the water every day.

Sharks have spent millions of years looking for seals. It is their purpose in life, and they will find them. They are not after humans, but they do mistake them for seals all the time. A well-known quote form the lifeguards is “if you don’t want to be eaten by a shark, don’t swim with seals.”

I have friends who swim and surf and dive all over the world, and they think we are absolutely crazy to encourage seals on to the beach where people swim.

The fear we have foreseen has now occurred, a life has been taken, and we all know why, and if it happens here, because we do not remove the shark bait, then whoever it happens to has the right to sue the city for negligence.

It is like putting a bowl of honey on the back porch and being surprised when the ants show up.

It is now only a question of when.

Melinda Merryweather

La Jolla

Delusion of America

We have been duped into a mass delusion which has led the country into an economic and global political quagmire. We must break the mind set that allows this.

The people who put George W. Bush in office could have cared less that he was an inept, unqualified, elite profiteer. Their motives are power, grandeur, greed and, Oh yea, a belief in his divine inspiration from God, rather than with his ability to run the country.

Until his last second in office, he will continue to listen to the voice of lunacy, drain our prosperity, assault the progress made to make the world a better place, and destroy our way of live. We are caught in mass insanity, as we watch him charge in a dangerously wrong direction with our military and money at his disposal and with no chance of sustaining any harm to himself. In fact, the longer the war lasts the more wealth he amasses. He makes one bizarre decision after another, expecting different results and frankly it doesn’t matter to him either way. He will be able to leave office and live a safe life, in wealth, opulence and in good health, with 24 hour bodyguards, quite unlike our returning military personnel.

We find ourselves paralyzed with fear, staring into each other’s eyes, holding our collective breath, hoping that we will somehow survive this peril.

John McCain is neither a maverick nor does he have any intention of ending this insane war. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We need a leader who is obsessed with our vision of this country, not his, a leader who will look out for the well being of all our citizens, not just his cronies. Don’t let party affiliation override your common sense or outweigh your love for this country. The insanity must stop!

Michael DeClouet

La Jolla

Cancer kudos!

I have been an oncology nurse for over 20 years and I have to say that your article in the April 24 La Jolla Light is one of the best, most concise explanations of the cancer process that I have seen. You have done a great job of explaining a very complex process in understandable and accurate terms. I have been interviewed in the past regarding cancer therapies and the subsequent presentation often has been a little misleading and often an inaccurate paraphrase.

You have given me a new faith that good journalism may still exist. Thank you.

Sheila Hoff, RN

Moores UCSD Cancer Center