Letters to the Editor: May 14, 2009


Benefactor missed

The La Jolla Historical Society joins the chorus of so many others in expressing our deep sorrow at the passing of Ellen Revelle. The society is privileged to have benefited from Ellen’s unbridled love of La Jolla, just one of countless community organizations that stand today as a lasting legacy to her support of local heritage and culture and her shining example of selfless giving.

Along with her family, Ellen enthusiastically carried on the philanthropic spirit of her famous, beloved great aunt, Ellen Browning Scripps, on whose historic property the La Jolla Historical Society sits today--an honor we hold with the deepest regard and respect.

For a woman with such a quiet voice, the silence now left by Ellen Revelle’s passing is deafening. May her extraordinary sense of community and spirit of generosity be cherished by La Jollans for many, many years to come.

John Bolthouse

Executive Director La Jolla Historical Society