Letters to the Editor: May 10, 2007


An open letter to the people of San Diego

What a disgusting spectacle.

We are witnessing the shameless targeting of City Attorney Mike Aguirre in the most bizarre and transparently phony campaign ever. Aguirre is the truly unique, honest, fearless, brilliant and hard-working advocate the people of San Diego have ever had.

It is the same “public servants” and their cronies who have been at the center of the fiscal scandals who are now determined to shift the blame for all city problems to Aguirre. And the mayor and the Union-Tribune are happily joining in.

People of San Diego, don’t let the slander fool you. Stand up for Aguirre.

Tanja Winter

La Jolla

Dear Mr. Elias:

I just want you to know how much I apprecate your articles in the La Jolla Light. You are so right on.

Re: “Plastic Pipes,” we at Blackhorse had to have all our plastic pipes removed and replaced with copper due to leakage at the joints. Fortunately we were under the protection of a lawsuit and did not have to pay but that protection has ended. Obviously the builders have won again.

Re: “Gasoline Gouging,” for the past 20 years and especially the last five, they claim it’s due to a shortage of refineries. With all the obscene profits they have made and continue to make, you would think they would be forced to use some of it to build these refineries. But doing the right thing is too much to expect.

Keep writing and I’ll keep reading and “stew” along with you.


Audrey LePen

La Jolla