Letters to the Editor: March 19, 2009

Wrong place for cows

It was embarrassing for La Jolla, to hear visitors making fun of the cows, stating that they thought La Jolla was an upscale community. It’s not a question of the workmanship to create, but they belong in small rural cow towns.

If we must have sidewalk art, it should match the theme of the community, surfing, palm trees and beach. I hope they are not here for the entire 3 months.

They also block foot traffic.

William Dunne

La Jolla

A farewell to a friend

Kevin Johnson, you were much too young to leave us and depart from us. To all who knew you, you kept us close to your heart, greeting us with sparkled smiles every time you helped us with whatever purchase you made large or small.

We always hear your voice resonating in our memories. These will never be naught but remain the echoes and visions of you that we will never, never forget long after our sights may wane and our distance from your departure pale.

We shall always treasure your kindness within our minds. We will always recall how you stirred our imagination with the treasure time you gave of yourself when we entered the (Bowers Jewelry) store sensing your unique aim to be helpful and to make our visits memorable.

For all this we thank you and place you in our memories in the deepest corners of our minds.

Frieda L. Levinsky

La Jolla

Money misspent

I am truly amazed at the inadequate and irresponsible response to the military air crash that killed four members of a family. It is predictable that the entire blame would be placed on one individual pilot. Even Sherri Lightner seems to accept the premise that the military is doing all it could to prevent such tragedies.

After all, they have apologized!

The real problem is the accepted practice of flying military aircraft over civilian communities. In our present state of “perpetual war” it is implied that we should not challenge the right of the military to have free reign and full access to all resources.

Every day we are faced with creeping militarism that knows no bounds.

Everywhere the military is given special privileges. Environmental impact statements are not required even in cases that endanger life and health.

I wish we would spend as much energy and as many resources in the pursuit of free health and education, affordable housing, nature protection and general community well-being.

Tanja Winter

La Jolla