Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2008


Spell Barack right

Good to see that you are highlighting the leading lights in your community like Christine Forester.


As one of three elected Obama delegates to the Democratic National Convention for the 53rd Congressional District who has been organizing for Obama since January, 2007, I just want to say that Christine is the best thing that could ever have happened to us!

Thanks to her herculean, tireless efforts, we have had the privilege of seeing both Barack and Michelle in person in San Diego, which has always had trouble getting any attention from the Democratic Party.

She is our endless inspiration to work hard and embrace the sometimes difficult political process with a smile.

On a minor note, I would just like to suggest, as a journalist myself, that your stalwart community paper learn to spell Barack’s first name properly. There is only one spelling, with a ‘c’.

Marsha Johnston

San Diego

Appreciated coverage

I’m writing in reference to your article on June 11 and I have to say that I was completely touched by it.

First of all, because the author happens to be my aunt and I know how difficult these past years have been to her.

I live in Brazil and it’s hard for me to be so far from her. However, I’m very proud to be the niece of such a strong woman who even in a painful moment thinks about how she can help others. That’s what she’s been doing all her life. I look up for her and I love her dearly.

I’d like to thank you for publishing this article and I’m sure many people will be willing to buy her book and help the National Foundation for Autism Research.

Patricia Labruciano Pinheiro

São Paulo- Brazil