Letters to the Editor: June 14, 2007

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your article on the seals. It was very enlightening that the Zogby Poll showed 91 percent of those asked wanted the seals to stay and the rope to protect them to remain in place.

The poll also reveals it is a small vocal minority who do not want the seals. The children as well as adults spend hours watching there every move with delight.

There are ample beaches in La Jolla just a block away. We humans are NOT endangered. We’ve just endangered everything else.

Lynn Bruser

La Jolla Farms

Dear Editor:

I was heartened to read your compassionate comments regarding Emery’s death. So many of the comments on the blogs are only angry and hateful.

In our wish to believe that horrific things can’t happen to our own children (young men), we understandably emphasize all the ways that they are different from THOSE OTHER children. And then we overlook all the ways that they are the same. And then we fail to lovingly help them to learn to recognize and manage their angry impulses. And then IT happens.

I appreciate your emphasis on all of our humanity and the collective responsibility for each other.

Ellen Jacobs

La Jolla

Dear Editor:

Do we need to control everything? Maybe the seals were sent here to teach us a lesson in humility.

I suspect E.B. Scripps, coming from a large, gregarious family, would have loved the seals, too, and have been down there chasing away their tormentors.

It’s wonderful that children (and adults) have this opportunity to view the seals and their babies at such close proximity. There are few places along the Pacific where these magnificent creatures can be seen in safety. Viva the seals.

J. Dauphin

La Jolla