Letters to the Editor: June 11, 2009

An alternate seal plan

The simplest solution to the “seal problem” at La Jolla Children’s Pool Beach is to construct a large floating platform for them in the “fish preserve” there in relatively protected waters. They will be sleeping right over their breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would expect them to take up lodging there instead of the sand. Perhaps a little encouragement may be necessary for indoctrination to their new home. It would remain a place of interest to sightseers.

Earle Callahan


Sherri Lightner changes her tune

Councilwoman Sherri Lightner has not been forthright when dealing with issues involving the seals. When she campaigned, she indicated she wanted to save the seals. Once elected, she voted against the proposal passed by the City Council, 6-1, sending the matter to the state Legislature, who would draft legislation giving the city the authority to decide the seals’ fate. With that vote, the council was in essence saving the seals.

Now Lightner wants to hold public forums to discuss the seals’ fate, claiming “the city must not shut out the public.” She is aware that once the legislation has passed, the City Council will save the seals. Therefore, she is trying to circumvent the council by insisting somehow the public make the decision. This is doublespeak for getting rid of the seals.

The seals have been good for San Diego and specifically La Jolla. To have our own representative try to undermine what she stood for to get elected is a breach of public trust.

Nick and Holly Berry

La Jolla

Where is objectivity on TV?

I was appalled with anchorman Dan Plant’s attack of Councilwoman Sherri Lightner on Good Morning San Diego, June 3. That wasn’t objective journalism.

Plant claimed Facebook comments supporting seals at Children’s Pool to be the voice of the public. It is not. That’s not democracy.

La Jolla residents respect Ellen Browning Scripps’ gift and the city must abide by the agreement set forth when they accepted the gift. Plant refused to accept councilwoman’s explanation that we must abide by the law - not Facebook respondents.

Plant inferred that Children’s Pool was exclusively for the Scripps family and their children, non-sense. It was donated to benefit all children.

Plant stated that Children’s Pool was a natural habitat for seals. It’s a man-made beach. Seals have thousands of miles of coastline.

If anyone wishes to see seals, I encourage them to support the good work of SeaWorld and pay the admission.

Greg Thomas

La Jolla

Create a seals reserve

The dispersal plans are outrageous and a mockery to the community that overwhelmingly supports this natural treasure.

S. Lightner is the lone councilmember that is pushing for seal dispersal.

We enjoy having the seals at Casa Beach, and our out-of-town guests always request to see this famous sight. My own children love to watch them. (We have no shortage of other beaches where the kids can swim and play, but where else can they see harbor seals?)

It baffles me that people want to turn it into a public-use beach - especially here in San Diego, where we have literally miles and miles of beautiful public beaches. Can the seals not have this one tiny beach and live here without being harassed?

Please help turn Casa Beach into a marine reserve for the seals. We support the amendment to the Tidelands Grant, which will pave the way for this to become a protected marine reserve.

Deana Gunn