Letters to the Editor: July is a busy, productive month for Rotary Club of La Jolla

Burns Drugs’ Liz Rogers and Wayne Woods receive Community Service Achievement Awards from Rotary Club of La Jolla. Courtesy


Burns Drugs’ Liz Rogers and Wayne Woods receive Community Service Achievement Awards from Rotary Club of La Jolla. Courtesy

• July is a busy, productive month for Rotary Club of La Jolla

By Sally Fuller

Rotary Club of La Jolla

Longtime Burns Drugs employee Liz Rogers was honored as an Outstanding Employee by the Rotary Club of La Jolla during its July 15 meeting. At the same time, Wayne Woods, who owned Burns Drugs until it closed earlier this year, received a Community Service Achievement Award from the club. The award was a surprise for Woods, who nominated Rogers for her award and attended to present her with it.

Rotarian and former Burns co-owner Orrin Gabsch presented Woods with his award. A former Rotary Club member, Woods donated generously to local charities and participated in numerous community service projects during his time at Burns.

In addition, Russell King was installed as Rotary Club of La Jolla’s new president. The club also welcomed 12 new members, including: Will Creekmur, Ina von Ber, Mark Dibella, Jonathan Moffat, Chuck and Karla Marsh, Sue Ball, Sandra Benton, Diane Salisbury, Irma Gigli, Claude Rosinsky and Gabriela Musgrave.

Rotary Club of La Jolla sponsors Interact Clubs at La Jolla High School and the Bishop’s School, with whom they have built 20 homes for needy families in Tijuana.

On July 19, Rotarians held a graduation ceremony in Tijuana for the students in its TJ Scholars Lab. Now in its 15th year, led by David Shaw and Marc Lanci, the lab mentors 24 teens in grades 6-12 each Saturday. The graduates continue on to college.

On July 20, Rotarians hosted their bi-annual party for La Jolla League House residents with the theme “Cruising the Seven Seas Aboard USS League House.” All participants had a memorable cruise.

On Aug. 1, in connection with the Bird Rock Artist Guild, the club hosted a “Summer Candlelight Labyrinth” at Law Street Beach to benefit Rotary’s Tijuana home-build program, and the King’s Children’s Home orphanage for abused children in Belize.

Guests are invited to attend La Jolla Rotary Club meetings, noon Tuesdays at La Valencia Hotel, 1132 Prospect St. in La Jolla. For a reservation, e-mail Russell King at

• Campaign underway to clean Children’s Pool beach

In a newly deranged drive to close the Children’s Pool, I believe the city of San Diego is allowing the formation of an infectious cesspool on that beach. Not only does the city insist on leaving dead kelp (seaweed, “wrack”) untouched, it refuses any type of beach cleaning and forbids volunteers to remove seal excrement and trash. Accumulations of dead kelp harbors animal wastes, draws flies, fleas and other insects to form a hotbed of infection and fouls the air.

As the reason for its hands-off approach to cleaning the beach, the city references a letter received from the California Coastal Commission in 2012 which states “the removal of beach wrack undertaken as part of beach maintenance/grooming on beaches that historically have been groomed by the city does not require a coastal development permit (CDP). However, the Children’s Pool beach is not one of the beaches historically groomed by the city, and beach grooming by public groups and/or individuals is not authorized. Therefore, beach grooming at Children’s Pool by either the city or private parties will require a CDP.”

Every parent who has ever taken their children to the Children’s Pool can dispute the falsehood that this beach was never “groomed” (cleaned) by the city. In the past that beach was pristine and maintained regularly by a skip loader that used the beach ramp built for that purpose, but is now rutted and locked.

Please protect the health and safety of our community by demanding that the city and the state restore sanitation at this site. Vote against this order at your meetings and write to the two addresses here:

California Coastal Commission

7575 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 103

San Diego, CA 92108-4402

Dan Daneri, City of San Diego

District Manager Park & Recreation

202 C St., MS 39

San Diego, CA 92101

— Sue Bridge,

La Jolla

• Who remembers city cleaning Children’s beach?

This is a letter to all longtime La Jollans, those who grew up here. I’m hoping to find people who would write a letter stating they saw or remembered the days when the city cleaned the kelp/seaweed off the beach at Children’s Pool. I’m trying to get all the seaweed that is there right now hauled away, and I’m being told by the city that they have never cleaned seaweed off the beach at the Children’s Pool, but if I can get letters saying they have, they will again.

So anyone who knows, please e-mail me at

Together, we can get something cleaned up in La Jolla! Thank you so much for your help!

— Melinda Merryweather,

La Jolla

• Leashed-dogs law protects everybody

It’s simple. The law already has worked out a compromise regarding dogs on the beach. They are allowed early in the mornings and in the evenings, but they must be leashed at all times. All times.

There are very good reasons for this law, not the least of which is the fact that excited, off-leash dogs can injure and/or frighten other beachgoers. Not everyone wants a dog to walk across his or her towel.

Also, to respond to the argument that dog owners are diligent and conscientious, go up to Kate Sessions or Starkey (Draper) Park and witness all the canine “calling cards.” It’s disgusting and unsanitary, and our beaches should not be turned into giant litter boxes. Dog owners must be more responsible.

The law is in place for a reason. Keep it.

— Bill Smith,

La Jolla

• Glad for the story about Mr. Franklin

Thank you so much for the lovely article about retired teacher Mr. Syd Franklin in the July 31 issue. He is such a treasure, and I am so grateful that he made it back to La Jolla Elementary in time for my two children to experience the best teacher they ever had. He was not only inspiring, but kind, humorous and gave just the right amount of discipline when it was called for.

It is always such a pleasure to encounter him on his bench in front of Warwick’s. He is the very definition of a real gentleman, and the educator every child should have the privilege to learn from.

— Dorothy Andersen,

La Jolla

• Here’s another vote to expand Medicare

As a senior citizen and activist promoting Healthcare for All, I know all too well that patients face financial barriers to care — even with insurance. The United States is the only nation where a citizen can go bankrupt from a medical catastrophe or one critical illness. Patients need a system that puts them before the profits made by the insurance and drug companies of the U.S. healthcare system.

Medicare’s 49th anniversary was July 30 (on July 30, 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law at the Harry S. Truman Library) and registered nurses and patients celebrated this great program that brings health care to senior citizens. It’s time to expand and improve the program so that everyone in America gets the care we need.

By expanding and improving Medicare to cover everyone, people can get the care they need while the nation saves nearly $600 billion per year by slashing overhead and negotiating lower drug costs with providers and pharmaceutical companies.

— Anita Simons,

La Jolla

• Inventors need to improve leaf blowers

After reading Clem Hoffman’s letter concerning his contact with Councilmember Sherri Lightner’s office over the increased leaf blower menace in La Jolla, I have come to the conclusion that someone has to come up with a device that both mutes the sound and stops the fumes.

There must be someone out there who can come up with an invention that can stop this problem. (Also, I have to commend Clem on his Scottish heritage; he is of strong stock, however, there is a similarity to the sound of bagpipes and leaf blowers … they both drive you crazy!)

— Ruthie Gordon,

San Diego

• Looking forward to December’s La Jolla Christmas Parade

Regarding the article “Merchants Request Neutral Name for Christmas Parade” of July 17: Jolly Jewel Parade? La Joy-a in La Jolla? What’s in a name?

Howard Singer states the organization San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness Group’s (DIG) mission is “solely to remove the word ‘Christmas’ from the name of La Jolla’s December parade.”

And yet he goes on to say “.... Christmas trees, angels, Santa Claus and nativity scenes could still be a part of group (parade) displays.” I repeat: What’s in a name?

I’ve been a La Jolla resident since 1970 and have always been under the impression that the La Jolla Christmas Parade was part of the season’s celebration.

Granted, La Jolla is a far more multiracial, multicultural mix than it was back then, so if others wish to organize a Chanukah parade to celebrate that holiday, or a Muslim march to celebrate the end of the fast of Ramadan, or even a Winter Solstice parade to usher in the start of winter, I would be all for it. But please, let’s keep Christmas in the La Jolla Christmas Parade. What ever happened to “the majority rules?”

— Barbara Jefferson,

La Jolla

• Community rallies for a good cause

Harcourts Prestige Properties at 7938 Ivanhoe Ave. hosted a fundraising event July 24 for A Bridge for Kids, a La Jolla-based nonprofit founded and operated by La Jollans Michael and Tammy Nance. A Bridge for Kids pairs teens in need of funds to move ahead in life with people of means to make young dreams come true.

Businesses that contributed to the auction and cocktail event included Bank of America-La Jolla, Merrill Lynch-La Jolla, and Chicago Escrow-La Jolla.

We also had support from our Ivanhoe neighbors Swoon (Kate Yetman), Barre 59 (Lisa Lehmkuhl) and Mary’s English Kitchen (Scott Gardner).

Evolve Beauty and Wellness (Monica Siojo) and True Beauty (Jillena Greer) located on Herschel also contributed. It was truly a community effort!

We raised just shy of $3,000 with help from Harcourts’ auctioneer from Australia, Ben Brady. Harcourts hosted two other events this year, raising more than $7,000 for the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Thank you to all who helped.

— Tiffany Torgan Philips,

Owner/Broker Harcourts Prestige Properties


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