Letters to the Editor: July 9, 2008

Crime concerns

I saw your piece on crime in La Jolla. As a resident of the Bird Rock area, we share some of the same experiences and concerns with crime and lack of police presence.

I, too, have been in contact with Lt. David Nisleit and Scott Peters’ office, and have come to the conclusion that there are simply not enough police offers to protect La Jolla.

While we have a very successful Neighborhood Watch program in Bird Rock, it is apparently not enough.

I have attempted to create interest in some type of neighborhood patrol - volunteer and/or private - with no success. This is likely due to the fact that most people in La Jolla are quite complacent and only become concerned after becoming a victim.

We are fortunate that most crime to date has been restricted to property - hopefully it will stay that way. By helping residents and merchants understand that crime is increasing, with little in the way of protection from SDPD, support will grow for a more proactive response.

Stu Weinshanker,

Bird Rock

Take the pool

The city of San Diego should “take” the Children’s Pool by eminent domain. The taking should eliminate deed restrictions and covenants that have created costly legal battles, unnecessary drama and acrimony among our citizens.

The purpose of the “taking” is to benefit the general public by the economic activity created by tourists and citizens who line up to get a close look at the seal rookery.

Certainly people do not line the Children’s Pool to watch narcissistic sociopaths taking over the beach and intimidating the seal lovers. My niece visited from the East Coast and saw a seal pup being born earlier this spring. How magical!

Ask the children: Would they rather watch the seals here and now, or chase them away and view seals in Sea World?

Let’s enrich our community, provide economic benefits, great pictures and happy memories for our visitors by rewriting the Children’s Pool deed and sending the sociopaths off to fill their needs at other locations.

Mike Roman

La Jolla