Letters to the Editor, Jan. 31 issue of La Jolla Light, Open letter to Mayor Bob Filner seeking yellow rope for grunion crowd control


Congratulations on your election as Mayor. It’s good to see bold action in a bleak social landscape of apathy. I’m also pleased to hear that you have finally got a plan to “vacuum up” the stench at La Jolla Cove. Hopefully, this cesspool of political ping-pong has run its course, but don’t worry, the Victorian cottages across the street (Red Roost and Rest Rest) will continue to be a daily historical reminder that government bureaucracy is alive and well.

The real purpose of this letter is to respectively request that same consideration that you have shown the seals at Children’s Pool, for the unique and much-loved California Grunion.

As you know, these remarkable creatures only spawn on select Southern California beaches for a few nights between March and August, and only at high tides and on full and new moons. We would like to help protect this species and not encumber them with humans harassing them during their most intimate mating and spawning rituals. The general public appears to have accepted the yellow rope method of crowd control and imminent domain of our beaches, so we would like to install a similar yellow rope on all grunion-spawning beaches.

We would also like to install web cameras on any old government property that may be close to the beach. I know these barriers are unsightly and might be inconvenient to some people, but it’s only for six months during the summer, and it should not take more than three months to install and another three months to uninstall after the spawning season.

As you know, permitting takes so long these days, and the call of nature simply cannot wait, so we will start deploying approximately 1-million feet (212 miles) of yellow rope next week, beginning where you left off at Children’s Pool, going north to Point Conception. Big issues like this require bold steps. We hope that we can count on your support because the lives of millions of grunions are at risk.

Peter Martin


Glad the seal rope is now 152 feet long

According to a

La Jolla Light

article by Pat Sherman in the Jan. 24 issue, the rope was originally “supposed to be 152 feet in length per a 2010 vote of the San Diego City Council.”

“But in 2010, city staff mistakenly approved coastal development & site development permits for a 130-foot rope.” Now the rope has been restored to its originally designated length, so what is the problem? The mistake has been rectified! The rope was supposed to be 152 feet!

Because the seals are such a contentious subject, I wonder how this mistake was made. It is a pity that our divers know of only one place to dive, what with a whole local coastline of beaches and diving areas (available). One would think that using only one diving area would get to be old hat and boring.

Ina Brown

La Jolla

Mayor is doing what’s right with longer rope

Had I been able to attend the January meeting of the La Jolla Community Planning Association (CPA), I surely would have voted with trustee Jim Fitzgerald against sending a hectoring letter to Mayor Bob Filner about his proper action to extend a 152-foot rope at the Children’s Pool to protect people

from hauled-out seals and vice versa.

According to this story, a 152-foot rope was authorized by a San Diego City Council vote in 2010 and, strangely, was never implemented by the previous city administration. To correct that error of omission, Mayor Filner acted, installed the rope, and authorized future installation of a webcam.

Melinda Merryweather, spokesperson for self-styled “beach access advocates,” narrowly claims “we are a community of surfers, divers and fishermen.” It appears she urged the CPA to send this letter, which falsely alleges that “residents of La Jolla have made it clear to the CPA that they are opposed to the recently lengthened rope barrier ...”

In fact neither statement is true. The “community” is much larger than a small zealous group of activist anti-seal folks — “the community” is San Diego of which we are a part (and from which Ms. Merryweather would like to secede) — and neither San Diegans nor “residents of La Jolla” have ever been polled about the seals’ presence at the Children’s Pool or about the length of any protective rope there.

Frances O'Neill Zimmerman

Member, La Jolla Community Planning Association

Mayor Filner was correct in acting to correct the length of the rope- no permit was needed. Dan Daneri, of SD Parks and Rec, admitted to the measuring error 1/31/12 in a hand delivered letter to the California Coastal Commission. The 152 foot rope was the intent of the City Council Resolution and the attachment drawing submitted. The 3 foot opening, not a 25 foot opening, is wide enough for divers to get through to access the ocean. The three foot opening does not mislead the visitors, as the 25 foot opening did.

Jane Reldan, M.D.

La Jolla

It’s time for the seals to go

Even though I’ve been a Sierra Club member for over 30 years, I am adamantly OPPOSED to those miserable seals which have taken over the Children’s Pool.

What would Ms. Ellen Scripps say? She had the jetty built specifically to provide a safe place for young children to swim and play. My parents took me and my two sisters to the Children’s Pool in the 1940s and ‘50s. How wonderful it was. Ms. Scripps did NOT have the jetty built to provide a place for seals to breed, foul the water, and prevent children and adults from enjoying the beautiful cove which she created.

Where else is there a safe and secure place for tiny children to enjoy the water in safe, peaceful, beautiful surroundings? La Jolla Shores? Boomer Beach? I don’t think so. This is the last bastion.

We must take a stand to safeguard the integrity of the Children’s Pool (which the seal lovers call Casa Beach, pretending that the “Children” portion of the name is irrelevant.)

The seals are a noisy nuisance. More importantly, they are also a great snack for sharks, which at some point are going to gobble up either a seal or a swimmer brave enough to enter the polluted water.

Myrna Wosk

La Jolla

Wondering about the webcam

This device (the web cam at Children’s Pool) is to solicit donations on the website of an activist organization seeking action to restrict public access. The little gold mine was not put out for public bid or permit. Another Mayorial decree. Does any part of the proceeds benefit La Jolla? Exploitation of the casual nature of these seals has always been described as “a lucrative tourist attraction” by the City. Why are profits being diverted to a special interest group?

John Leek

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Please tell other side of global warming tale

I don’t claim to be any kind of scientist, however, I have followed the global warming claims for the past four-plus years and read dissenting articles. There is usually only one side of the “crisis” ever presented. Please off another view. After all, most of this will be paid for with the American taxpayer’s dollars and there are billions at stake. Money and greed have a way of changing facts; especially when you are on the receiving end. Thank you.

• Please read:

• Please read:

Barbara Decker

La Jolla

Student asks: Why do you love California?

My name is Samantha Jones. I attend Covenant Christian School in Mishawaka, Indiana and am in the sixth-grade. My literature class is reading the book, “A Walk Across America,” by Peter Jenkins. The book is about Peter and his dog, Cooper, who go on a journey. Their journey starts in New York and they walk across America to California.

I’ve been given the assignment to select a state and do a report on that state. I chose the beautiful state of California. For this project, my report needs to include comments from people of various communities in California about what they love about California. I would really appreciate it if you could assist me in getting the readers of your newspaper to write-in their thoughts about what they love about California.

The letters can be sent to me by e-mail or by mail. The deadline is the end of February. Thank you.

Samantha Jones

Covenant Christian School

54790 Fir Road

Mishawaka, IN 46545