Letters to the editor: Jan. 22, 2009

Rockets flying

Having just returned from Israel and visiting the south, I know firsthand what it feels like to be in a rocket attack. I was visiting a home in Ashdod when my host said, “Come, come.” I wasn’t sure if he was addressing me or his family so continued sitting and watching. In more urgent tones he urged me to get up and follow him. I then heard the sirens and realized that we were under attack and joined my host family in the shelter.

How is it not clear that Hamas victimizes civilians on both sides of the fence? Whereas all schools in southern Israel are closed, sirens warn of incoming rockets and shelters have been built to protect civilians, Hamas seems to be doing the opposite to their civilians. Why are schools, UN buildings, etc. used as locations to store arms or from which to launch attacks?

There is only one logical conclusion to the continued victimization of Israel and the Jewish people at the UN, etc. Hamas and its allies do not want the Jewish people living in their homeland, Israel . . . no matter how much Israel is willing to compromise for peace.

Any other conclusion would be irrational.

Deborah Seidle

La Jolla

Bothered by word elderly

Your Jan. 15, 2009, edition carried a headline on page A9 that read, “Elderly woman killed in car crash early Monday morning.” I’d like to take umbrage to your use of the word elderly. The unfortunate woman who died was 67. I suspect that many of your readers do not consider that age elderly.

Howard Hian

La Jolla