Letters to the Editor: Jan. 1, 2009


Roundabouts a waste of money

As soon as I saw this article’s headline in the 12/18 issue (about Bully’s and Boll Weevil), I said to myself; “Closing ... Thanks to the city’s gargantuan waste of money we don’t have and succeeding in making things worse (a wonderful San Diego trait)”.

Yep. I was right. If I was Bully’s or (Boll Weevil), I’d sue the city for reckless spending, loss of income, and irreparable damage.

Then … I was stunned! “Bird Rock has become a role model? The (roundabouts) are so poorly designed … I have yet to meet one single person here who doesn’t hate them, and most people simply cannot functionally drive them.

Drive through and look at all the bumper plastic, headlight, and taillight glass detritus. Obviously, very minor, but I wonder how many people are thrilled at thousands in damage and higher insurance premiums for something that should never have been built.

Rand Hogen

La Jolla

Roundabout plants creating danger

Well, I saw my first accident in one of the roundabouts on La Jolla Boulevard today. It was only a matter of time.

The plants and trees certainly look nice but they are deadly. I drive a mid-size, four-door car and I can barely see people at the crosswalks now that the bushes and trees are growing taller. It has also made it difficult to see some types of cars.

Today, sure enough, some pedestrians started to cross without having pushed the button to light up the crosswalk. The lady one car ahead of me stopped suddenly just in time. The car in front of me rear-ended her and I stopped in time. Thankfully, the people in front of me were not hurt and the pedestrians were already on their way.

Very soon you won’t be able to see anything, not even the roadside business signs and addresses. Some low groundcover would have been much safer and still look nice.

Debra Strayer

La Jolla

Thanks to supervisor for Web funding

I was delighted to note the receipt by the Town Council of a granted $4,500 from the office of County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, as published in the 12/18 Light. Writing the petition to Supervisor Price specifically for the La Jolla Town Council Web site maintenance funding was my last act as Executive Director several months ago. As a La Jolla citizen, I thank Pam for the realization of this generous and supportive community endowment.

Ron Jones

Past LJTC Executive Director