Letters to the Editor Feb. 23 issue


La Jolla has two city council reps

I want to correct the article written in the Feb. 16 issue of the La Jolla Light regarding “A City Council Seat.” Sherri Lightner does not represent all of La Jolla. She only represents a portion of La Jolla. Keven Faulconer District 2 represents a portion of the La Jolla as it presently is delineated. As you may, know this is to change in the future.

Edmund Hill

La Jolla

Time to modernize old La Jolla

In regards to the Feb. 16 cover story “

Town Council backs revived ‘promenade’ plan

,” I’d like to add that we just returned from Santa Barbara and saw first hand how they have preserved and revitalized their downtown. Whereas, La Jolla has a rotting lifeguard station, a couple of shacks that are historical eyesores for the last 30 years, and businesses are closing.

My hope is that enlightenment will shine on this town and modernize modernize modernize. And by-the-way … don’t like the stupid canoes sticking out of our art museum … just saying it is time for BIG CHANGES in La Jolla!

Ralph Castro

La Jolla

Time for this La Jollan to speak up

This is my first attempt to have my voice heard through the La Jolla Light, so here it goes:

As a cyclist (recreational and the other), it’s shocking that the most dangerous stretch of road along the entire coast of San Diego is for less than one mile in the Torrey Pines corridor.

From Oceanside to Tijuana, you can ride safely on side streets or through bike lanes until you get to this patch of road in our town. The bike lane disappears, the potholes begin, and the terror ensues.

The Corridor project, which may never see the light of day, has an opportunity to make our community safer and I hope to God there is at least one cyclist on the board.

So far, I’ve seen two speed-indicator signs be erected at a cost of 10K a piece. This brings me to another issue: Is speeding really the problem on Torrey Pines? Or is it the bumper-to-bumper traffic?

I hope that in our one chance to improve this stretch of road, bicycle and pedestrian safety is high on the list of priorities.

Second: I vote for the relocation of the Post Office!

Once again, doesn’t anyone else think that the money we CAN spend on the post office should be used to move the line quicker with more employees, instead of occupying a building that is bigger than necessary?

Not to mention the traffic and parking situation on Wall Street is the worst in the La Jolla. Half of the businesses that claim they get traffic from having civic facilities like the Post Office near them can’t offer parking for their customers.

And what is the holdup on the construction of the Shores lifeguard tower? It seems there are maybe two workers there per day. That is all.

Todd Murphy

La Jolla