Letters to the Editor: Dec. 3, 2008

Why don’t they get it?

Why is it so difficult for our public servants to understand the most rudimentary facts of community life?

People have spoken in a unified voice, demanding that ALL libraries be kept open. Forever!

Rarely do we witness such unity. The clear, convincing and passionate defense of the people’e agenda must be heeded.

Sanders, Peters and many of our city servants are forever spending our money right and left, but rarely listen to the people’s priorities. Libraries and recreation centers are not negotiable. Any public servant who does not understand the critical and essential role libraries play in every community should look for another job.

Tanja Winter

La Jolla

PLJ president should resign

So PLJ permits people who are not eligible to run for a seat on the board. When this is discovered, Promote La Jolla does not follow the bylaws and refuses to seat the next two highest vote getters. They have to sue to be seated. PLJ president now complains about having to spend money on lawsuit. Incredible. Ms. Marengo should reimburse PLJ and then do the right thing: resign.

Gerhard Bendl

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Clean up those news racks

Please keep up the pressure on removing the ugly, dirty newsstands. Only the La Jolla Light and Village News and maybe one Homes for Sale need to be out there. While walking around the Village, I have commented many times how awful they look and when trying to let a passenger out of a car there is no safe way to the curb. Keep up the good work.

Beverly Little

La Jolla

Work together on lifeguard tower

On Nov. 20 you wrote that “community leaders weren’t happy to learn that a temporary lifeguard tower was erected at the Children’s Pool.” Well those same community leaders had better look in the mirror before they start the blame game. Is the temporary tower ugly, embarrassing, blocks views etc.? Hell yes! Is the old lifeguard station decrepit, falling apart and condemned? Hell yes.

The problem is for how many years have our local leaders complained about the aesthetics of a new tower. It is time to work cooperatively and figure out a good plan now. It is not that hard to design a functional and attractive structure. It is time for some leadership and finding solutions.

Tony Pauker

La Jolla