Letters to the Editor: Aug. 6, 2009


LJ becoming theme park

One of the people quoted in your (July 16) article describes “Concerts by the Sea” and fireworks as “classic La Jolla events.” They are anything but (the classic events having died years ago). Rather, they are just two of the many mass amusements that are turning La Jolla into a theme park. Perhaps if these noisy, flashy spectacles were to disappear, people could learn to enjoy La Jolla for what it is (a beautiful natural setting with some neighborhoods that still retain a surprising amount of charm). As a friend puts it, “shut up and listen to the ocean.”

Dave Rearwin

La Jolla

Please, Arnold

An open letter to the governor:

Regarding the bill you just passed to save the seals at the Children’s Pool, it is a huge mistake. In La Jolla, the Pool was originally donated by Ellen Browning Scripps for the children to learn to swim and the seals are polluting the beach and the surrounding areas. Please change your mind about this passing of the bill that was pushed forward by greedy people who are benefiting by selling to tourists. … You have to look into this more clearly. … Please get your facts from the real people of La Jolla - not from the people who want the seals to stay who don’t go in the water because it’s polluted from the seals.

Michael Fowler

La Jolla