Letters to the Editor: Aug. 28, 2008


John Shelton legacy noted

I was saddened to learn of the death of Dr. John Shelton, but pleased to be reminded of his impressive geological work, publications and photographs.

When I was a student at Pomona College in the 1950s, I took his introductory geology course. His excellent teaching abilities enhanced by his aerial photographs of earth’s geological features made me consider changing my major from zoology to geology. But I was too far along in my studies to change my major, so I continued on in zoology but always appreciated geology, thanks to Dr. Shelton.

The world has lost a talented and creative mind and a kind and caring man. I urge everyone to visit the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park to view Dr. Shelton’s impressive photographs of Earth’s geological features.

Linda H. Pequegnat, Ph.D.

La Jolla

Stigma a term of victimization

In reference to the Aug. 21 newspaper, there are many ignorances associated with mental illnesses. Your reporter and Shannon Jaccard, “communications” director for the NAMI organization, were imposed upon to employ the term “stigma.” I know the purpose of the term from my youth - to victimize women who survived rape - and am curious if you believe it changes by transferring it to someone else.

It does not. It is a term to victimize - solely that. I stopped assigning it based upon the voice of empowered women. Please, as women, stop assigning it now to me. Another empowered woman, Kathryn Power, who heads SAMHSA in Washington, has ceased imposing that term upon people. Please follow her lead. Readers ought to know that schizophrenia, like other illnesses, varies in degree from mild to very severe. You are as likely to find a person with schizophrenia in graduate programs at a university as anywhere, and even as a Nobel winner.

Harold A. Maio, Advisory Board for American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Disrespect cause for concern

At the Aug. 9 Charger football game, I was appalled and saddened to have three teenage boys in my row “refuse” to stand or even take off their caps during the singing of our national anthem.

I pray this is not an indication of the future generation of our country. If it is, God help us all.

Cindy Peterson

La Jolla

Accept the seals

I have lived in La Jolla for 10 years. I do not understand the fuss over the seals at the Children’s Pool. In my walks around town the most common question that I and other friends are asked is “Where can the seals be found?”

Miss Scripps had a wonderful idea for the Children’s Pool, but she might enjoy the seals there. We now have lifeguards up and down the coast so children can swim almost anywhere.

Recently I saw locally a thought-provoking play entitled the “Permanent Collection.” We need to realize that change is about the only permanent thing in our lives.

The seals are a great attraction drawing crowds daily and bringing visitors and paying customers into our La Jolla businesses. Customers might otherwise shop or dine in many areas along the coast. (I do not remember seeing seals even at Seal Beach.)

We need to accept the seals and enjoy them and get on with important issues.

Lyle Hampton

La Jolla