Letters to the Editor: Aug. 27, 2009


Give credit to Philomène

We very much enjoyed your article “Bird Rock’s first paperboy” about local treasure Col. William R. Barrett, but we were surprised by only the reference to his being featured “in his own ‘exhibit’” at the Taste of Bird Rock. It should be mentioned that the credit for the Bird Rock History Exhibit, of which that story was part, goes to Philomène Offen who spent hundreds of hours researching, interviewing, photographing and purchasing copies of historical photos at her own expense.

The resulting many fascinating “storyboards” revealed the history of Bird Rock including the WWII Naval Gunnery School, electric train service, origin of the hillside rock sign, early Japanese residents and issues related to the area over the years.

At Taste of Bird Rock, Philomène conducted tours and explained and answered questions. If you did not see the exhibit, it will be part of the Back to School Night in the library of Bird Rock Elementary School. Later it will be on permanent display at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters at 5627 La Jolla Blvd.

Mary and Darryl Templer

Bird Rock

Fan of seals, not courts

I am a big fan of the seals. When friends come in to town we invariably go to see them. They are a great tourist attraction and I am a big animal lover. I personally prefer the seals use the pool rather than people.

That said, we are on a road to a banana republic if we don’t respect our laws. Public opinion or the sentiment du jour should not override a rock-solid covenant that is breathtaking in its years of precedence.

I personally have given consideration to bequeathing land to the city for a park, but now I have decided against it specifically because I am not sure that my gift and the terms of its acceptance will be honored by the city and the courts in the future.

A society that doesn’t honor its law soon has no one to trust.

Winslow Cox III

La Jolla

Go for Froglander’s

I’ve been eating frozen yogurt since the 80’s and consider it a food group! I’ve tried them all, and can say with authority that Froglander’s has the best chocolate yogurt in the county. It’s rich and dark, and contrary to the opinion expressed in your article, it does not taste artificial at all. So for those of you craving chocolate bliss, listen to this yogurt fanatic.

Jeri Feldman

La Jolla