Letters to the Editor: April 5, 2007

Holocaust article brought good memories

You write well, and your story about holocaust survivors was very touching. As an engineer in the Army in WW2, my father liberated Bergen-Belsen, the camp that housed Anne Frank. He seldom talked of it, but over the years, he shared tiny moments that left me silent. Your article made me feel closer to him; he died 20 years ago.

Katherine Bacon

Questionable Web site poll

Your poll was interesting, but ingenuous, at best. The number of respondents far exceeds those with a direct interest in the proposed project, owners of homes in the old, stable neighborhood.

As a graduate of UCSD’s department of political science and a former congressional campaign worker and congressional aide, it is clear to me that an organization with highly developed campaign committees and advocacy staff, can mobilize individuals to write or donate money or vote, to support a given policy stance.

I think the percent of people supporting the development in your poll, which is highly unscientific, is caused by such professional advocacy effort. It is not reflective of the ordinary citizen’s opinion. As a result, it is without value.

I am somewhat surprised that a poll was taken by a newspaper in such an unprofessional manner. I will be even more disheartened if the results of the poll are used to support the proponents’ efforts to take designated parkland in a single-family residence neighborhood for institutional use.

If this park can be taken, what can the citizens of the city of San Diego expect to lose next?

Julia Blake

(Ed. Note: The La Jolla Light’s weekly Web site poll is not scientifically valid. It is meant to give readers an additional voice in rendering opinions on issues of the day. Nor can we control those who “lobby” asking others to vote a certain way, as was done in this case.)