Letters to the Editor: April 30, 2009

Children’s Pool needs cleanup

I grew up in the La Jolla area and have been swimming and free diving at the La Jolla beaches for 40 years. I consider myself an “animal rights activist” (and a seriously committed one). Yet what is happening at “Children"s Pool” is an egregious violation of the Scripps intention for public use …

What was for so many years a wonderful beach-going experience has been transformed into a siege-like locale with a broken-down lifeguard tower, chain-link fences and unsightly portable toilets. It would be wonderful if the Children’s Pool were dredged out ... The seals will naturally move to seal rock in front of Children’s Pool and to other habitats they used for all these years …

I like to envision a well-designed new lifeguard tower, toilet facilities, a clean sand beach full of happy beachgoers and maybe a city-leased cafe/snack bar ... The seals will still be around in their ecologically fit numbers for all to witness …

We can have it all if reason prevails.

Richard Artrichard

East County

Make La Jolla its own city

The time has come for La Jolla to become its own city. We have done the study and we can afford to do it with no new taxes, and we can contract out all the city jobs like Del Mar does and not have to pay any pensions. Look at Del Mar - 4,000 people and not one pothole. We can do this, We need to bring Paul Kennerson back to the task. He headed up a meeting 7 years at Su Casa restaurant. … If we are own city, no one can tell us what we need to do.

The time has come, This is possible bring Paul Kennerson back and if you believe in this as every one I talk to does, do something.

Melinda Merryweather

La Jolla