Letters to The Editor

Humans not at fault this time

I want you to know that I saw two premature harbor seal births at the Children’s Pool this holiday season and human harrassment was not involved with either one.

As you know, premature birth in harbor seal populations is very common, with up to 50 percent of the total number of births in one year being premature. It is not possible to determine the origin of a harbor seal premature birth without scientific evidence, and there are many causes.

Kent Trego

La Jolla

Ford’s foreign policy revisited

The passing of President Gerald Ford brings to mind that healer’s reception at the White House of King Juan Carlos of Spain on June 2, 1976.

On that celebrated day of the bicentennial of the United States, the president was presented with a gorgeous color map, titled “The Spanish Heritage of the United States,” depicting the various discoveries in North America by the Conquistadors.

It was the first time that a Spanish head of state had set foot on North American soil and had been received by a U.S. president at the White House, usherig in a warm relationship between an old and new democracy.

Alfonso de Bourbon

La Jolla